The Astrologies: Book 2, Chapters 7 through 13

In Fiction on June 24, 2013 at 3:16 am

Lots of new chapters!

As PDFs:
Book Two, Chapter Seven, in which Cadras tries to find the knight Stennan.
Book Two, Chapter Eight, in which Derick meets the other guests in the Corvyne house.
Book Two, Chapter Nine, in which Marta goes looking for Berekker.
Book Two, Chapter Ten, in which Cadras reports to Mardis Dantley and conducts a variety of personal business.
Book Two, Chapter Eleven, in which the new Emperor Dilluther conducts a council meeting.
Book Two, Chapter Twelve, in which Gene and Duxe begin their long journey north.
Book Two, Chapter Thirteen, in which Ashir Corvyne remembers and Celani learns.

As .mobi files for Kindle:
(Download them using Dropbox, which you can get for free here.)
Book Two, Chapter Seven
Book Two, Chapter Eight
Book Two, Chapter Nine
Book Two, Chapter Ten
Book Two, Chapter Eleven
Book Two, Chapter Twelve
Book Two, Chapter Thirteen

If you need to catch up:

Book One in .mobi format.
Book One in PDF format.

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