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The Astrologies: Learned Men of Old Blood

In Fiction on November 29, 2012 at 2:18 am

The girl averted her face, shying away from the Candle. The hunch of her shoulders and back was unnatural. The Lash had done his best to fix her up for her interview, but some things could not be covered or repaired. She trembled, and her eyes— the only piece of her face visible behind her bandages— flashed wildly between the Candle and the Lash. The Lash stood, his huge shoulders hunched, with a bland look on his broad, stupid, face. To say that he was unaware of the girl’s terror would not be accurate, he was merely untroubled by it. He took no pleasure in it either. The Lash could conceive of cruelty no more than he could conceive of compassion. He knew loyalty and obedience, and the tools of his trade.

Here is Chapter Twenty Five, in which the Candle interviews the blackmailer Larie Cahn.

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