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The Astrologies: Learned Men of Old Blood

In Fiction on September 10, 2012 at 4:11 pm

To keep the rituals of the god of waves, a sailor must take a handful of sea water and splash it onto his face, and to keep the the rituals of the god of winds, a sailor must empty his lungs entirely before boarding a ship and fill them anew once he has crossed the threshold. Berekker did both of these things without thinking as he climbed into his oarboat, but paid no attention when Catyan did not. As if there truly were gods watching over him, clouds moved across the moon and a gentle rain began. Berekker had never learned which god watched over smugglers, but apparently he was pleased.

Here is Chapter Nineteen, in which Berekker embarks on his attempt to smuggle Paya Gandro’s cargo into the city.

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