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The Astrologies: Learned Men of Old Blood

In Fiction on August 15, 2012 at 12:23 pm

The Candle chuckled. Even among the myriad conspiracies attributed to the Church and Empire by heretics, this was outlandish. The Candle was nearly ready to set the Singer’s book aside, when an odd alphabet on the facing page caught his eye. He had seen it occasionally throughout the years, and he had encountered it quite recently in two books that had been among the things confiscated from the blackmailer Larie Cahn. He had always been puzzled by his inability to identify the language, and by its dissimilarity to any of the other alphabets of the world. He had always assumed, given that the texts he had encountered had all dated— in his best estimation— from around the time of the first incarnation of Tyrus, that these were the histories of some isolated tribe from the steppes or the mountains, which had been discovered only to be promptly annihilated in the war.

Here is Chapter Eighteen, in which the Candle continues his research into the Order of Learned Men of Old Blood.

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